Quality Process

India being the hub of human hair exports, our team of experts procure quality Human hair from various sources like temples, etc,. This natural hair or virgin hair is selected, after extensive and detailed search and research.

Once the end user tries our product and returns it back, we shall not be in a position to replace the hair as defective piece since we presume that you would have already inspected the hair upon receipt from us. New clients must understand that we sell the hair at distributor price and not at retail price.

Hence we expect the distributor to address all issues pertaining to the end user after sale of the product. We shall not be liable once the product is sold to the end user. However if there are any genuine issues pertaining to quality, we shall still consider it as a specific case where the decision is at the sole discretion of our company. If there is any quality issue, and the client is planning to return the hair for a replacement, kindly inform us before doing so as we would recommend the mode of return shipment to avoid import tax for us.

†Quality Process

Our team of highly skilled and competent workers, then process this collected hair, to produce Human hair of very fine quality.

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